Could be Mediacorp Radio’s worst decision ever!

Even from Melbourne, I tune in to the Morning Express on Class 95 FM almost everyday!

I started listening to the Morning Express as far back as in 2003, when it was started? It was Glenn, Flying Dutchman and Rod then. And inbetween I stopped. However in 2011, I started tuning back to Morning Express again and it was so nostalgic! Also, listening to them makes me feel like I am closer to home.

And then came the devastating news last week that they decided to move FD to Gold FM. LIKEEE WHHHYYYYY?????

I tried listening to the new Morning Express and personally I think Joe-Glenn pair is just not working out. I got annoyed and it bored me as well, so I decided to switch to Gold FM’s breakfast show with FD.

When I restarted listening to the Morning Express in 2011 it was Vern, FD and Glenn. So it was good to hear FD with Vern and it was so much better listening to them, but the songs were definitely not my genre, and I just couldn’t take it either and switched it off as well.

I don’t think I will be ever tuning back to any of these stations again. I’ll be listening to the local Australian station instead because looks like I dont have a reason to listen to Singapore radio anymore!



  1. Haiz so sian right, I gave up listening to radio long ago anyway because most of the time they air songs which I don’t like. The last time I bothered listening was when they had this jap/korean section on FM 93.3 every sunday but it got shitty after changing hosts so I never listen anymore. Maybe you should try listening to 96.3 for a change haha, every weekday got kpop from 8-10~ If u interested can try haha.

    PS: I didn’t even know u could access sg radio stations from aus!

    1. I only listen to Sg radio at work, so if it is 8am to 10am, then I can tune in. If not I will be sleeping anyway so can’t lusten hahaha. Yeah I just go to xinmsn and can stream from here. Only Malaysia radio block their streaming overseas but Sg never.. which is good.

      1. Ohh…I very long nvr listen radio ald haha. Sucks man xinmsn should also allow their shows to be streamed overseas. Jorel was also complaining she cannot watch from US haha.

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