Hi wa Mata Noboru


The show might have been alright but I personally found it wayyyy too draggy and it started boring me. I mean, the plot line was alright but I don’t know why they had to make everything sooo slooowww and draggy which annoyed me. I liked the guy who played Yukahara – he could really pull off that cool but stuck up guy. Also I believe Aiba Hiroki was in the show? It is not listed on Dramawiki though..


I think the only show I have watched of him was Tadashii Ouji no Tsukurikata and it was all thanks to June for forcing me to do so. Frankly I have no recollection of the show.. So it must have been really normal for me to forget it.. Same for RH plus

rh plus

I knew I had watched this show but I have no memory of this show.. So it must have been really normal or so which I doubt because the theme of the show is Vampires.. and I have not watched any other Japanese Vampire shows before.. so it must be really bad or something that I can’t remember anything about this show.. not even a scene :/



  1. For some reason the first impression the pic gives me is that these people are pilots. Hahaha. Totally out of touch with Jap dramas for now :/ Anws bloggy updated!

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