Keizoku 2


Keizoku 2 was alright at guess. Some episodes were really exciting and nice but some were like draggy and bleaugh. But overall I enjoyed it, I guess. It was also something different as it is dealing with cases involving people with special abilities. It was also interesting to see that Toda was not playing her typical innocent-cute girl role. And also absolutely loved Kamiki’s and Shirota Yuu’s roles. I missed them both!


If I remember correctly, I enjoyed Mr Brain, but I didn’t know if it had anything to do with the fact that it had Kimura Takuya in it. Also guest starred some of my favorite stars including Nakama Yukie.


Speaking of Nakama Yukie, so far of all the shows she watched, I liked it except Joshi Deka. For some reason I found that show lame. Not sure if the show was really bad or I was just disappointed that it wasn’t good like Gokusen.


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