Tokujo Kabachi!


I know this drama got poor ratings but I kinda liked it. Not sure if it had anything to do with the fact because I like Sakurai Sho. 😀  I think I hardly watch lawyer-themed shows, so maybe I found it interesting (when infact it is crappy..I won’t know!) Like I learnt some interesting stuff like, in Japan, if you find a wallet, or something of value and return it to the owner, the owner by law is required to give you 5%-20% of that amount to you!!!

quiz show 2

Another Sakurai Sho drama that didn’t get good ratings and I liked as well was Quiz Show 2. I did not watch Quiz Show 1, but I am assuming that should have been super awesome. I thought Quiz Show 2 was kinda interesting and at points suspensing. It kept me hooked but apparantly alot of people said it suxs.. Oh well. Oh and the music is very catchy as well!!!



      1. Ya he doesn’t look nice inside 😛 Yes u have to! I was happy when they finally decided to air a Brit series after so long. They have sherlock here too but nah i dun watch that haha

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