Being Human UK

A couple of other Aidan Turner fans highly recommended me to watch Being Human UK . I’ve watched the first season and as a fan of Supernatural themed dramas, I loved the first season. I heard Aidan left the end of Season 3 and it was like “unfinished business” and Russell at the end of Season 4 and of course the series just ended with Season 5 this year. So not sure if it would be as good as Season 1.

One of the reasons why I liked this show because this drama deals with how they (A vampire, werewolf and a ghost) struggle in being human and deal with issues they face which is quite different from a typical supernatural themed drama…



  1. WOW I see that you have been watching a lot of shows in my absence uh from this blog haha. And it was a good move to change to wordpress! But no tagboard uh that’s the sad thing :/ Anyways I liked Jimmy Neutron too~ By the way, blog revived lo!

    1. Lol British shows like Being Human has only 6 episodes per season unlike US shows which has 20+ episodes per season so can watch alot. Yeah wordpress is so much better! Ehh tweet dm me your url lei.. cos it says it is deleted :/

      1. Nice nice! Anyways, there’s this UK show airing on channel 5 now! It’s called Bedlam and it’s damn good sia. Like the male and british version of the Ghost Whisperer! If you haven’t watched it u can consider putting on your must watch list haha

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