How nostalgic – Voice actors from my favourite cartoon shows!

I know I am such a kid at heart, but my highlight of the day was getting to meet the awesome voice actors / my favorite cartoon characters because almost all of them were my childhood (and even now!) favourites!!

I was absolutely looking forward to meet Rodger Bumpass who plays Squidward. Everybody knows that I am soooo old but yet a huge spongebob fan! He’s so funny and I just love it when he makes sarcastic comments in Squidward’s voice. So, I told him that when I was younger I used to think Squidward was such a bore but as I grew up, I could relate to Squidward most of the time! And he went in his Squidward voice “You have grown wise!” HAHAHAHAH.

I actually did not realize that Debi Derryberry who voiced Jimmy Neutron was also one of the guests!!! I used to enjoy watching most of the cartoons on Nickolodean and Jimmy Neutron was one of them! So I was too surprised and couldn’t really say much to her but it was a great pleasure to be able to meet her as well!

Rob Paulsen who played Rapahel in the 80s TMNT was one of the guests as well. I grew up watching TMNT!!!! I was telling him that TMNT was one of the few cartoons that was aired on tv when I was growing up and I used to look forward to watching it everyday and loved it soo much and he was so flattered and he was saying that its always nice to know that people enjoy both the current TMNT and the earlier generation one as well.

It was an absolute great honor to meet the voice of Goofy – Bill Farmer. I mean like who doesn’t know Goofy!! And I am sure nearly everyone grows up at some point watching him!!! I was so excited and telling him how I loved this line up of voice actors and was saying that practically everyone I liked/grew up wacthing were here and he asked who, and I told him like Squidward, Jimmy Neutron and Rapahel.. I just soo excited to remember their real names hahaha. He’s sooo lovely!! I’m just sooooo honored to have met him!

I know Tim Rose is not really a voice actor but I’m sure he’s quite a memorable character as Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars! I mean which star wars fan doesn’t know the famous “It’s a Trap!” scene.  HAHAHA. Also had a lovely chat with him, since it was almost the end of the event and there’s was like no one. Haha!


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