The first person I met and got to take photo with was OMG MY FAVOURITE KING ARTHUR BRADLEY JAMES ! I was like the third person in the line and I seriously thought I would be soooo freaking nervous, but strangely I didn’t even feel my heart-rate go up or any type of nervousness!!

So, the girl infront of me was having her moment with Bradley because she had green hair so he was like commenting on it and they were talking awhile and the volunteers were practically pushing me to him to break their conversation and take my photo (because apparantly they only had half hour to do 150 people). I felt bad and didn’t want to interrupt them, so I just stood there. And a couple of volunteers just went  “Go, go, go” pushed me onto him -_- I ended up falling onto him but he caught me in time, in his arms. (So embarrassing, I know!!)

I profusely apologised but he was all great and cool, and even joked about it. And we did chat abit as well but I because I was so disoriented after the whole whole “falling onto him” incident, I couldn’t remember the conversation we had at that point.

So right before the photo was taken, he whispered in my ears something like “Look at the camera and give me your best smile”. And I was sure. So yeah now I look like I am smiling way too hard..like an idiot.. But who cares, Bradley told me to!!! 😛 HAHAHAH! I just thanked and ran off because they were yelling at the next person to go so I was like nevermind, I will see him and chat to him properly again at the evening function.


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