Photo with everyone else

I’ve already blogged about the meeting the Merlin guys here and this is the rest I met on the weekend.

So I was like the first person to take a photo with Aidan Turner. Let me just say he’s one of the most chilled among them all and not to mention, super nice as well! So anyway he came in and was asked to take position on the left and he was like “Hmm not right” and stood to the right. And he called me and said “Let’s try this” and he swapped to the right and moved me to the left, and went “Yes, this is weird. Really weird.” I was like okay.. “Let’s swap back” and he moved me back to the left. Then he started laughing and went “I’m sorry to do this to you.” I was like haha it’s fine. So yeah I was like the “test subject” for Aidan for which side his fan should stand 😛

I did see him at the function, but then he sorta disappeared real quickly (to which we found out the following day was because his family was in Sydney and he went to spent some time with them…awww) Thought it was real nice of him to take the effort to at least turn up, because it was really optional anyway! So yeah, I missed my chance to talk to him then..

As a huge Harry Potter fan, I had to meet the twins, Oliver and James Phelps. Just when it was my turn, I was asked to wait and give way to R2D2, which I personally found funny. R2D2 roaming its way to the twins and positioned right inbetween them… So when I reached there I was laughing about it and they joking about that.

I didn’t get to chat with Oliver much, but I had a lovely long chat with James at the event and he’s really nice and just sooo funny and we had some really down to earth, interesting conversations, like at one point we got into an interesting topic of “overcharging” and he even started complaining to us about how ridiculous some people charge to watch a game etc. It was kinda cool to be chatting as though with a friend..

Can I just say that of all the stars I met, the only person who made me speechless was Alan Tudyk!!!! I mean how shocking is that!!!! I just couldn’t talk to him for some reason. I wanted to say so much stuff to him but I just couldn’t. So anyway, when I stood beside him, he pointed that on the line on the floor adn went “You have to stand on the line” and brought me forward and I couldn’t say anything!!! I did manage to to throw out a “cya later” when I left

So later at the event, it was funny because I approached him and I just couldn’t talk and he was soo nice and tried to start a conversation and I just couldn’t reply. I was like OMFG What’s wrong with me?? But luckily there were two girls nearby who decided to come by and chat (Probably saw me being useless) and I just stood there and listened to the conversation, not being able to say anything. Anyway he looked sooooo tired and I wanted to tell him that but I just couldn’t! 😦 He’s really chill and nice though!

Eve Myles is such a great woman! She was like only one of the few female guests. (Yes it was male-dominated!) So anyway before this photo was taken, she and Kai were doing group shots, so I was the first to take a photo with her and because Kai was leaving, he went behind the photographer and started doing some funny poses and we just couldn’t stop laughing and Eve went “He’s such an ass”

So dear Mr James was like in a serious conversation with her like half hour or something, so no one was able to talk to her. So anyway we started to hang around there and finally when he left, we pounced on her (which was a good choice, because she said she was tired and left after we chatted to her!) So we did have an interesting chat with her and started saying how we need more women and stuff and bitching about how it was male-dominated in Torchwood as well as the event… hahaha..

Adam Brown is another lovely guy. Sadly he was one of those that I did not get a proper chance to chat with because always someone wanted to talk to him! Urgh so disappointed with that! So anyway again, the photo sessions were running late, so I had to run in and out of Carrie Fisher’s Q&A to check if it was his turn, so maybe that is why I look tired as well.

Anyway, because I was the first and they were still sorting some stuff out, I did use that opportunity to chat with him and tell him how I missed the chance to properly chat with him and stuff. He’s just so lovely and awesome. Anyway I should have done a Hobbit group shot. Some fans showed off their photos while I was waiting for his turn and they were just so many hilarious poses!! The guys were soo creative, wild and spotting compared to the Merlin guys!


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