Merlin Knights

Bradley’s story is here.

Eoin Macken is funny and really engageable, and he’s never serious, so one shouldn’t be offended by what he says.. I have to say he got to be my favorite guest! So anyway we were like talking the whole time the photo was taken – mainly bitching about the weather, because it was raining heavily everyday! After the photo was taken, he still didn’t stop and went on saying “Yeah, I wanted to get a suntan, but it looks like I will be going back fairer than when I came here” Like lol! It’s winter! What did you expect! He went on and on but I had to say goodbye and leave because the next person was already in position and I didn’t want to “delay everyone”. (Later at the event he was saying, how he got told off for talking too much to everyone.. Omg!)

So at the event, got to have long chat with him as well and he brought and introduced us his partner as well and she’s sooo awesome as well. We just chatted about so many random and interesting stuff. Like we were even bitching, complaining and gossiping at one point and he revealed some interesting things from the stars point of view and we did share our part as the fans point of view.

Rupert Young is another awesome down to earth person I got to meet.  I couldn’t remember what my small chat with him during the photo was, because I was so taken aback that he was soo frigging tall!! I mean I was warned that Tom was really tall, but I was kinda shocked he was too!

Got to chat with a really really long while. He might not be as funny as Eoin and slightly more serious but he’s so nice and down-to-earth. We had various interesting conversations and when we felt more comfortable, I was like “You are really tall you know!” And he laughed and went in his strong British accent “Well I know and I try to bend down….but I really don’t know if people want that” and I laughed and went “Yeah you did that for my photo and I thought it was really nice and lovely and I am so glad you did that!”

Hahaha someone commented and asked how Tom Hopper always had this “elastic perfect smile face” which was kinda true. HAHA. I didn’t get to talk to Tom much even at the event because the whole time he had his eyes glued to the game. I know after the event he talked to who was left, but I was feeling really tired, so I just left instead. But I heard from everyone else, that he’s pretty nice as well šŸ™‚

Okay so I was second in line for the group shot. Actually I was first but I didn’t wanna go first, so I made the girl behind go ahead. Haha, so anyway, I really wanted to do a candid shot with them since I already had taken individual photos with all of them. But the thing was, I don’t know why, when I walked in, everyone went rowdy. I mean the girl infornt of me was greeted loudly and welcomingly as well, but they weren’t so rowdy! (I think it had to do with the fact, I had did individual shots with everyone, whereas she only did Bradley and Eoin?)

So I was like “HEY, omg you guys, can you..” and I realized I was muffled, because they were all like “Hey there you blah blah” And I thought they were just gonna stop after that so I was like “Do you guys want to do a candid shot? I don’t have any ideas but..” and no one was listening. EVERYONE ONE OF THEM was still saying something to me and I wasn’t hearing what they were saying and they weren’t hearing what I was saying either and I was like Urghh this is not gonna work so I just gave up, ignored them, turned around and gave a thumbs up instead.

Actually now that I look back at the photo, besides Bradley (I don’t know why but he suddenly laughed before this was taken 0.o), they all have the “This bitch ignored my question” look… and what’s with the “hand in pocket” pose?? Hahahahaha.


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