Autographs :)

I never really got a chance to speak properly to Karl because everyone wanted to talk to him. And finally at the event, when I got a chance, to speak to him, it lasted for less than 3 minutes before someone “interrupted” us. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So when I went back the next day to get his autograph, he actually remembered me! LIKE WTH!! You saw me less than 3 minutes and you remembered me?!?! I told him he had a freaking awesome memory and said I was very impressed. I did get to talk to him for maybe another 3 more minutes (And I felt bad cos there was a super huge line waiting for him, so I didn’t want to be rude and “hog” him. I get annoyed when some fans do that, so I don’t want to be “that bitch”.

Oh! At one point he saw my Carrie Fisher’s photo (below) and did a whistle, showed it to everyone around us and went “Oh I need to take some hotter photos!” HAH! But yeah, Karl Urban pretty cool ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m sooooo glad I got to meet Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia herself!! What took me by surprise was she had a great sense of humor! I didn’t know that. She was cracking so much jokes! Like even when you chat/ask her a question, she would have a witty response, that just make you laugh. I was devastated I had to leave inbetween her panel to check if it was time for my photo with Adam! I really liked her alot and thought it was an honor to meet her.

Sooo I was supposed to get my complimentary autograph with Bradley but I swapped it for Jed instead. I know when I tell people that, they just gasp in horror with the “OMG! Why did you do that” face. But seriously, his autograph lines were soooo freaking long for both days. I mean I have VIP, so I can cut everyone and go front of the queue whenever I want, but I don’t think I will get a chance to get a proper chat/autograph anyway and I had spoken to him enough already, so I thought why not use this opportunity to speak to someone I didn’t get a chance to meet/speak yet! So I thought I might go meet Jed Brophy instead.

So, we, VIPs had landyards (so did the stars and volunteers) except the badge said “who you were” and my badge was always flipped for some reason and Jed mistook me as a volunteer and “signed the above”. What was funny is before he signed he was thanking me and said how often “I did it” and what I usually work as and stuff and the stupid me, didn’t realize “the hints” and just answered the questions until later on he mentioned something about volunteering and I was like errr I am not a volunteer and yeah he was like “OMG!” but we started laughing about that and stuff and how we both “mistook the questions” But he was soooo lovely and apologetic about the autograph(haha!) But nice memory though!

Zack Snyder decided to pop by last minute and I was running late, but I managed to make it just in time for his panel. Pretty good and yes, it was truly interesting and learnt alot of stuff as well because some really good questions were asked.

Because I was VIP, I was one of the lucky few to meet and greet him and also managed to get his autograph. Well it was a quick meet and greet because he had to leave but he seemed nice. And because I was holding my poster slanted, he had to sign in a corner, so kinda joked about that as well.

So again, because I was VIP, I was lucky enough to get an limited edition poster and get it signed by George Perez and Chris Claremont. I was abit shy to talk to them, because I am not avid comicbook fan but Chris he had his wife and teenage son by his side and they were so lovely! When it was my turn, he just started singing out of the blue! His son went “Dad. Please. Don’t. Don’t embarrass yourself” and I went “Nah, that’s fine, go on” and his wife was like “Omg, don’t encourage him! He does it all the time at home.” and then she started “complaining” about him to me. Hahaha. Cute!

So at the Merlin panel, I had the best seat ever. I was in the front row, in the middle, smack infront of the boys. ๐Ÿ˜› But later I started feeling really uncomfortable and awkward for some reason :/ I did attempt to take photos on my phone because I thought I should, since I had such a perfect seat. But then I saw my crappy shots and reminded myself, I am the world’s worst photographer and just stopped.

Lol! Their “wtf?” faces! Frankly some fans ask some seriously dumb/stupid or repetitive questions. I think I caught this when it was one of those questions. Oh yeah because I was actually sitting so near them, I could hear them gossiping between themselves or even discussing before answering questions.. (Ok maybe that is why I feel awkward! Because I am all like.. “Just pretend you didn’t hear them. Pretend you didn’t hear them. Don’t react. Don’t laugh. Don’t be amazed.”)


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