I know I am 10 years slow, and not much of a Sci-fi fan but I just completed Firefly. I decided to watch it because the last time I met Adam Baldwin, alot of people were asking him Firefly related questions…and I knew nothing about it!! So if I am gonna be meeting Alan Tudyk next week and he’s well known for his role in Firefly, I thought I would better watch it!

I really loved it and I have to agree with everyone else, that this is a good series that was killed far too early. I watched the movie as well but personally I loved if it just continued for a couple seasons as a series!

And also I thought of watching the last season of Merlin before I meet the guys next week, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Like it is the final series of Merlin!!! If I watch that, that’s the end of Merlin. 😦 So I think I will watch it some other time.. I decided to start watching House instead.


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