I still can’t believe that I got to meet Misha Collins!

I know I have really delayed reaction, but I still can’t believe that I got to meet Misha Collins!! The worse bit is that I didn’t even have any reaction! Everytime I look at my wallpaper, or current profile photo I am like holy crap, I actually met this guy!

I’m also amused that I did not have the Michael effect. (I still need to put Bradley James to the test before I can conclude if the “Michael effect” only happens with him.) I mean on a scale based on Teppei Koike, where Teppei Koike is 100%, I would rate Michael 75%, Misha is 90% and Bradley James 95%. So yeah, Misha is pretty high up there!

There was like this whole time where Misha was sitting opposite me and talking to us, and I absolutely had nothing to say to him. Even when he looked at me with the “wanna-talk-to-me-face”, I didn’t say anything and just smiled back at him. He probably thought I wasn’t a fan of his or something. Arggghhh. But I was just so zoned out.

And now that I am so recovered and I think back, I am like OMG I HAD SO MUCH TIME WITH MISHA AND I DIDN’T SAY A WORD, EVEN THOUGH HE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITES. Urgh thanks Vietnam for making me so sick and draining my brain power!


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