Some of my personal favourite moments from Sunday

1. When Mark decided to randomly sit among the audience and he came and sat beside me!

2. Sebastian randomly coming up to me going “Don’t move”, leaves his jacket on the chair I am sitting on and asks me to look after it. Now that’s another random one!

3. Matt asking me to give my “other hand” and took it and put it around his waist during our photo which I personally found funny because the photo turned up looking like a prom photo.

4. When I told Misha that I had to get auto/photo on behalf of June cos she couldn’t be here and he acted so pissed and went “Tell your friend to go F*** herself!”

5. How everyone just kept picking on Rob!

6. I know one of the main highlights for nearly everyone was the Sasha-Misha prank that was pulled on us. Well, as amazing as that was, my favourite moment was when the guys told the story about their flight from Sydney to Melbourne. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THAT  TO THE MAX! I think it was the most hilarious story/event of the day. Or at least it made me sooooooo much less crappy for quite a while!


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