Photo with sick me!

I know I look half dead in all these photos but it was because I had a serious case of food poisoning when I went to Vietnam and I am still recovering.

YES! Finally I GOT TO MEET MISHA COLLINS!!! As you know/might not know he is one of my favourites ever!!!! Amazingly I wasn’t starstruck, especially got to spend quite with him! I think maybe it was because I was too weak. I actually thought of a candid photo with him but I feel sick and stuff so I was so unenthuastic anyway 😦

I am kinda devastated that though I got to meet Richard Speight Jr., I think he’s the only one whom I didn’t really get a chance to properly talk with! Oh except when I had to ask him for autograph on June’s behalf and he said I was a nice friend haha.

Matt Cohen is one such sweetheart. He’s so nice and lovely and he for some reason, he just makes you feel soo comfortable and happy (Actually they all do!) but yes, I love his hyperness and of cos he is such a Karoke King!

Actually got to chat with Rob Benedict for quite awhile before he was chased away, so others could get a chance to talk to him as well (haha). He is sooo sooo talented. I love his music. He is so lovely as well and he is so cute and funny, you just cannot not love him!

Hahaha Sebastian Roche is hilarious and he is sooo full of energy. I absolutely love him both in Supernatural, Vampire Diaries. Okay I was trying to stop laughing before this photo because he and Misha were like throwing back and forth this toy until he rubbed it down his pants and asked Misha, “You still want it back?” and Misha was like “EWW NO.” So yeah that drama was going on, so it was hard not to laugh!

I love how Mark Sheppard had this grumpy face in everyone’s photo until people were asking who was “lucky” enough to have him smiling in their photo.. ahhahaha. But the poor guy. He was sooo jetlagged and tired as well. But yet everyone loved him because he was still being his grumpy self!


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