The Charming Zach Roerig has my love!

I must admit that I wasn’t much of a Zach Roerig fan until I met him. I mean I did like him as Matt Donovan but I wasn’t crazy about him. I think it also has to do with the fact we don’t see him on-screen too often! However, meeting him has changed everything! He’s just so sweet and has a super great personality!! I think every fan who had the opportunity to spend time with him would say the same!

I’ve read before that people who have tried to meet him were disappointed because they thought he was rude because he didn’t really talk, but he’s the kinda guy that doesn’t really talk much anyway, he is kinda quiet but once you break that “barrier”, you just would have realized you just met one of the most awesome guy everrrr!

Maybe he’s “quiet” because he can’t multitask as his tweet says. Like when I got him to autograph our photo, I was also talking to him and he seemed very distracted trying to sign and talk at the same time. And he ended up writing “Geat” instead of “Great” and I pointed and laugh (just couldn’t help it! :p)  and he desperately tried to add in a “r” before the “e”. So I knew I should just shut up instead. Hahaha.

Now when I watch Vampire Diaries, I would definitely cheer (to myself) when Matt Donovan comes on screen. But anyhow, I think he looks wayyy good looking in real life. Like his beautiful blue eyes, looks brown most of the time on the show… :/ And I also love when he wears his specs. I think they just look so hot and suits him. 😀


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