Some of my favorite Q&A moments from Zach, Kat and Michael

I mean there were alot of questions asked and I did learn alot of things. But these were my personal favorites:

Zach’s Q&A

Question: We see alot of crying scenes from you the previous season, how did you do it?

Zach’s Response: After he explained, he was saying how hard it was etc he added “but it seems so easy for Kat. She is like a waterwork

Question (Something like):  If Matt could have a love interest with one of the characters, who would it be?

Zach’s Response:Sheriff Forbes“…. and most of them were like huh 0.o? so he added with a cheeky smirk on his face, “She has handcuffs” And everyone was like OOOOhhh.. haha!

Question: How the scene where Stephan saved him underwater was filmed?

Zach’s Response: It was interesting actually like he was saying how it took 2-3 days of filming because everything had to be perfect. And he was they always “forget” to give him air and he was practically out of breath everytime because they don’t pass him the tube to breathe and he has to bang with that “I need air now!!” face before they pass him air to breathe hahahah. Poor guy..

Zach with regards to this scene: He said that was nothing compared to how difficult it must have been for Kat to do this scene.. He said it must have been really difficult especially since Kat had to carry him and she was so small and he was so heavy and stuff and “Bless her, she did it.” Kat also briefly mentioned that it was one of the hard scenes she had when filming.

Kat’s Q&A

Question: If you could be a ghost for a day, what would you do?

Kat’s Response: She was like “And nobody can see me?” and gave a naughty giggle and eyed everyone with a cheeky face. “I would probably haunt Ian (Somerhalder) and get back at him for all the pranks. You know maybe float his cats above his head.

Question: How are the nosebleed scenes done?

Kat’s Response: You guys really want to know? It’s really gross and disgusting, trust me” ahhaha but everyone went yes and she revealed it.

Question: How are Nina and Ian were on set? (which I thought was kinda inappropriate at the time since it was only a day or two since news of their Nina Ian breakup came out.)

Kat’s Response: But I loved Kat’s reply cos she said she love them both as they are her friends and she  “doesn’t want to talk about other people’s relationship

Michael’s Q&A

Question: What are the “blood” they drank from the blood bags were made of?

Michael’s Response: He was saying that it was actually colored cornstarch that you just want to puke out half the time because it just tasted so disgusting.

Question: Has you experienced any weird fan encounters?

Michael’s Response: He said not yet as most of his fans are normal but he does find fans who start crying and go super emotional when they see him is kinda weird.


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