Looks like I did not have “Michael-effect” (Lol, yes I named after him, since he was the first and only that made me feel that way hahaha) when I met Kat and Zach! However, I got to see this girl experience the “michael-effect” with Zach. She was sooo nervous and she hugged Zach. After their hug, Zach said he could actually feel her heart beat while hugging. Hahahahaha. (And what was even more hilarious was his reaction, like he was super amazed with that.. haha)

However, for the upcoming event, it has ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE ALL TIME FAVORITES attending, so I really wonder if the Michael effect will strike me again!!! I absolutely LOVVEEE him in Supernatural. I feel that his character(s) makes the show so much in many ways.

But if for any reason (like how poor Steven had to pull out last minute cos his grandmother passed away), Misha can’t make it *EXTREME SAD FACE*, there are still these awesome 4 people coming over:


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