Met Zach, Kat and Michael

Zach Roerig story’s here.

I have to say that I am a super Kat fan. Infact she was one of the reasons (besides Damon) that I continued watching Vampire Diaries. Her acting is brilliant! She is super gorgeous. And the best part was when I met her, she was not only super nice, but she is just soooo soo lovely to her fans and takes the effort to really interact with us. And it’s so easy to “click” with her as she is soo down to earth! So, I was just so happy I got to meet her like Wooohooooo!

She has her hair all blonde now, which I totally fell in love as well!! And the best bit, we are almost the same height (FINALLY!! and YES we rock!). And then when I asked her to autograph the photo, Kat Graham went “OMG My hair is blocking your face!!! OMG I am so sorry!!” and I was like “Don’t worry about it, I love your blonde hair anway” haha.

Errr actually I don’t have much to say about Michael…. However, a story – We had to retake this photo because the lady said “one of you blinked” I thought it was me and Michael Trevino thought it was him so he went “I think I blinked” to me and I was like I think it was me… Errr yah…Awkwardddddd. And that’s my “Don’t blink” face cos I still thought it was me…And looks like Michael has a “Don’t blink” face as well since his eyes are wide open as well cos he thinks it was him… HAHAHA. Oh well. That shall remain a mystery…


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