Photos with my favourite stars!

Firstly I just have to say that I had an awesome time! I had struck up and had so many wonderful conversations with random fans. It is so weird, like you never met someone before, and yet you feel like you can be so comfortable with them!

So anyway, the first person I took a photo with was Adam Baldwin. I love him in Chuck. If you haven’t watched Chuck, please do, it’s kinda different and awesome. I know alot of fans who came to see him were fan from Firefly, which I have to watch now!

So when I first saw him, I blurted “Omg you are so tall!” (And in my heart I was like ohh that rude”?) and but he kindly replied “Thank You!”

Next up was Barbara Eden, and I have watched Jeannie since I was a kid and if you know I love that show so much from a kid up till now!!! She was all lovely and greeted me so welcomingly and I asked “How are you” and she was like I am goood and she was all smiles all time. And I waved bye to her and she gave such a gentle smile, nodded her head and farewelled me.

And then I had some time to kill and walked around and saw Lucas Till and Jason Frost and I was kinda shy in asking them for a photo initially, but I finally gained my opportunity and did..c’mon it is a one time opportunity right! It was funny because they were at their booth and Lucas was like “How we gonna do this?” and Jason was like “I don’t know, where is James when we need him” and they were like panicking and I was like awkwardly standing down there and Lucas was said “Let me try if we all can fit in this way” and Voila.. he asked if I was happy with the picture and I nodded and sorta ran off.

I then went for Ray’s and Barbara’s Q&A and came back for photo with Dean O’ Gorman. Omg can I say it may not look like it in the photo, but Dean was sooo freaking HOT! He was like “Hey what is your name?” and how you doing and all and he had dimples on both sides of his cheek as well!! And when I took the photo I was like trembling because I was like “Omg he’s hot. Omg he’s hot” and I just thanked him and left hurriedly because I was afraid my gushing would be obvious.

I absolutely fell in love with Eliza Dushku in Tru Calling and she is so talented and gorgeous! I was excited until I went in and saw that she had a personal security guard (None of the others did) and I started panicking. Hahaha trust me the security guard did look pretty indimidating, so much so I was so scared to speak to her and she did all the talking and I ran off before even thanking her and it was so embarrassing because she thanked me instead!

Then I went for The Hoff‘s Q&A session and he talked about alot of interesting stories… but my favorite moment was when the phone of the guy infront of me rang and he was obviously interruppted so he took that phone and was like “Hi this is David Hasselhoff.” LOL! “And I was giving a speech and now you have called him and have interruppted me and I can’t remember what I was talking about!”

On Saturday, I didn’t realize I was the first to actually get a photoshoot with Michael Rosenbaum!!! So when I went in, he was like all cheerful and smiles and greeted me with a chirpy How are ya!!! I was sooooo starstruck. I was like OMGGGG this is “Lex Luthor”, the guy I’ve “known” for nearly 10 years! So much so, I didn’t even realize he started talking to me. He was like “So you are the winner huh? How does that feel?” I was like OMG WHY IS HETALKING TO ME? and couldn’t process anything, so I just ran off… DON’T LAUGH! Later when my mind was clear, I felt sooo bad for being so rude and realized he was jokingly referring to the fact I was the first in line.

So I decided to go back today during his autograph session and explain my bizzare reaction. I was like sooo afraid to still approach him. I WAS SO NERVOUS! He was like talking to every fan that came up to him and stuff, it made me so scared, I just stood in a distance and watched him for like half a day like a stalker.

Until finally I convinced myself, it was a super damn rare opportunity, so I finally approached him. He even remembered me because when he saw my photo (before he saw me) he immediately smirked and looked up at me, with that “I-remember-you” smile. Check out that story here.

Rose McGowan looks soooo gorgeous in real life than in this photo! She was really sweet as well and she was like “How you doing honey!” (The girls infront of me, didn’t get called “honey”..LOOOLLLL”)

Finally was Vic Mignogna and I got the Vic-hug! He is sooooo awesome. He has to be one of the most talented voice actors ever! I went up to him and went “You are awesome” and he hugged me and went “What?” and I was like “YOU ARE AWESOME!” and he was like “Awww and he practically squashed me.. hahaha I love him man! And then before I left, he went “You are a darling!” HAHAHAH.

I just realized on my second day, I got so much love from all the celebrities I met. Rose called me honey, Vic called me darling, Michael called me sweetheart. HAHA! What a great experience!


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