Meeting Michael

Me: Omg I am so sorry. I think you were trying to talk to me yesterday but I was so nervous I ran away. (Check out that story here.. Scroll down to Michael)

Michael: Nervous? C’mon, not with me! It’s me! You can’t be nervous with me!

Me: I don’t know, I am so nervous even now! (I was like shaking)

Michael: (turns to the lady beside him, assistant maybe?) You only have to be nervous when you are around her.

She: Yes I am scary when I am angry and looks back at Michael. (She looked so nice and friendly and was even smiling)

*Michael smiles at me*

Me: Omg it could be because Smallville is soo soo special to me. And I like have watched Smallville soo long, it gave me so many memories. I’ve watched it ever since I was young, it’s soo long ago and I am getting to meet you! (I know, I was blabbering away in my nervousness)

Michael: Hey!!! (eyes at me) Are you trying to say I am old?

Me: Omg no, I didn’t say that! I am old too!

*He smiles and signs* (Btw he’s left handed. How awesome’s that!!)

Me: I am soo sorry about it, but it is just you. You make me sooo nervous, I am a mess, I don’t have this problem with any of the other stars.. I don’t know why!

Michael: (wide-eyed) RE-A-LLY? You don’t?

Me: NO, only you. I was seriously contemplating soo long in approaching you for an autograph because I was that nervous.

Michael (pointing to the other stars): So you don’t have a problem with any of them.

Me: Nope. It’s just you!

He started looking around. Eliza sits next to him but she was at her panel so it was empty (Well though I looove Eliza, in a way it was good because her security guard freaks me out super as well. I might have run away even before Michael signed my autograph) And I think he have tried to find someone to talk to me, but he saw everyone else were stressed up signing autographs. And Natalia Tena was the nearest to him.

He *points to Natalia*: You know her? She’s nice!

Me: Yeah! She is!

The guy behind me out of the blue: Yeah Natalia is nice! She is so awesome (LOL! LOL LOL!)

Michael: Hey Natalia, are you tired from signing autographs? Do you need a break?

Natalia: *Without looking up and engrossedly signing away* Nah I am good.

Just then I realized he might be attempting to do some kinda “experiment” with me and I decided it was time to “run away”

Me: Omg thank you so much!!! It was sooo great.

Michael: See you! You are such a sweetheart! (Nice of him to call me a sweetheart!! ^_^) And he laughed-smiled at me. (And finally handed back my autographed photo)

Me: Cya!

Then I looked at my autograph and realized his autograph to me said “I am not that old!!”, and he even signed off Lex Luthor. OMG HOW AWESOME IS HE!!!

I am so glad I build up courage after contemplating sooooooooooooooooooo long to approach him, because he made it so memorable 🙂 I realized that it wasn’t just me but he took the initiative to interact with all the fans that approach him and defintely gave them wonderful experiences because when they all leave their table, they are gushing away (Trust me, I spent half a day staring at his autograph booth, when I couldn’t bring myself to approach him!)


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