Arang and the the Magistrate

So decided to watch a Korean show… only because Lee Jun Ki stars in it.. ahhaha. And then it reminded me why I personally prefer watching Japanese dramas to Korean dramas. They are all so repetitive… same plot… super draggy. Urgh.

I mean when I watched Iljimae, the show blew me away because it was really really good, so I don’t know know if it was “that expectation” made me hope that this would be as good, but just ended up disappointing me. Initially it started out really good but after like 3-4 episodes, I realized there was hardly any plot and it just ended up super draggy (20 episodes in all) and of course it had to involve the “typical Korean love triangle” in this drama which annoyed me even further.

Urgh I don’t think I want to watch another Korean show for a really really long time….


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