My love for Osaka

So I have been meaning to actually post my love for Osaka since I came back from Osaka. I had always wanted to go to Osaka and I went to Osaka for the very first time last year. (YAY!). I think I might actually enjoy living in Osaka compared to Tokyo! I could definitely see the differences between the two cities. And I would absolutely love to go back again!


Most of their things/signs etc are written in Hiragana compared to Kanji, which is absolutely fabulous for me. I could pretty much read everything and that made me happy hahaha.

The People

I met alot of nice and friendly people there. I personally liked the people in Osaka more than Tokyo. They are like super nicer and friendlier and very welcoming as well. I also love how they just start to randomly speak to you in Japanese, not caring that you are probably a foreigner and might not know Japanese (Well, in my case I do, but I am sure many others don’t!)


Osaka has such nice and huge variety of clothes and that too reasonably priced. In fact the only time I shopped and bought clothes was actually in Osaka!


One of my absolute favorite food is Takoyaki and Osaka is like the home of Takoyaki!! It is Takoyaki heavennnn! I even took the time to queue and try one of the best Takoyaki. (Okay, speaking of Takoyaki makes me hungry and now I want to eat Takoyaki!)


And personally I think there’s alot of Ikemen in Osaka, compared to other cities of Japan. Oh well it was Teppei’s hometown, so what can you say! Aahhaa.


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