Watched Shibatora Special 2….Finally!!

So for nearly two years, I have been waiting for someone to sub Shibatora special 2. (It is nearly 2 hours long!) Since it looks like no one is ever gonna sub it, I decided to watch it without English subtitles. You know what, I could understand 100% of whatever Teppei said but, I when it came to other characters, I couldn’t understand bits and pieces. But overall I’m so proud of myself because I could watch a Teppei show without any subtitles and know what’s happening like maybe 85% of the show. WELL DONE, MYSELF!

I also watched Yankee kun to Megane chan recently. I think it is adapted from a manga. I’ve never read the manga, but from watching the show, something tells me the manga would be more awesome. Oh well. The show’s watchable but not that great…and seemed abit superficial at times


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