2 second phonecall huh?

So on the train, I ended up sitting beside this person…who kept mumbling, talking to himself like cursing and stuff. And he kept making weird noises which I didn’t know if was on purpose or for real. So I just ignored him and read my paper.

After a while he turned around asked, “Excuse me, do you have a phone? I need to make a phonecall for 2 seconds.”

2 seconds??? Might as well don’t even call! You call people just to say hello and bye huh? I didn’t even trust him to dare lend him my phone.What if he used my phone to prank call people? What if he just wants to call and talk to himself? What if he took my phone and threw it at someone for the fun of it? What if he refused to return my phone? If he had asked to borrow my phone to make an emergency call or something I might have lent him (Those noises he was making, really freaked me out!)

So I just said “Nah” and continued reading my paper. If he was really desperate to make that 2 second phonecall, he would have continued asking the person sitting across him, behind me, opposite him for a phone but he didn’t, and I wasn’t feeling comfortable lending him my phone. I did take out my phone a few times to reply some messages, after I had refused him, so he must have known I just didn’t want to lend him my phone….Don’t cry stranger, life’s liddat.


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