Goodbye smallville

Just completed Season 10 of Smallville, which means I have officially completed watching the entire series of Smallville. WOAH! Season 10 was defintely wayyy better than Season 9. It was the typical smallville I loved watching. Kinda sad that it had come to an end! I mean I started watching it when I was 18 😦 So nostalgic.

So I read some fun trivia that Tom Welling wasn’t really interested to play Clark Kent and the role would have gone to Jensen Ackles if he had refused till the end. Omgggg both are like my favorite actors!!! I can sort of visualise Jensen Ackles as Clark Kent but then I think he is wayyy more awesome being badass Dean Winchester, so all’s good!

I’ve got to start watching more French movies now since my French is so bad… However I have no idea what are good French movies, so I just googled some.. Oh well gotta start somewhere..


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