I just finished watching all 10 seasons of Friends. Omg yes I did! Can you believe that? I was never a Friends fan. I used to actually dislike Friends infact. When I was schooling, it was the “Friends” era and everyone used to say how much they love it and it was the best sitcom in the 90s etc but I never got it. Everytime I watched it, I found it lame or just so annoyed.

So when I begun watching it, I still disliked it. However the more I started watching, the more I started liking. I started to understand why everyone was so “into” friends before. You have to know them and be a part of them to “appreciate” Friends.

I also realized that Friends was probably the mother of HIMYM (which, I totally enjoy btw). There are so many similarities in the character and setting, but of course with unique storylines and more Gen Y, whereas Friends would be Gen X.

However I still don’t get the whole Ross-Rachel “chemistry”. It somewhat did not appeal to me? I actually like the Chandler-Monica relationship alot! And I love Phoebe-Joey’s friendship the most. I liked how they didn’t have to be a couple/have feelings for each other and yet they were so understanding, supportive and protective of each other!

And yes like how Lord of the Rings, Star Wars won my heart over, Friends has won me too 🙂


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