Tru Calling and Mop Girl

I just finished watching Tru Calling Series. It was a pity they had to cancel the drama, so it did not really have a proper ending. I loved Season 1 because of the characters and the storyline. However, I felt that Season 2, though only made up of 6 episodes as compared to Season 1’s 20 episodes, was abit too rushed and they tried to incorporate alot of sudden twists and stuff into it. Also I liked the Lindsay-Harrison relationship and Luc-Tru relationship which were kinda no more by Season 2. 😦

Actually, the theme is similar to the Japanese drama Mop Girl. Basically the main character works in an occupation that deals with dead bodies and once they come in contact with the particular dead, they “restart” the day so that they can save the person from dying. Personally I would say I enjoyed Tru Calling compared to Mop Girl. I mean both were fun, but I guess with more episodes for Tru Calling, you grow to like the characters and there’s more “flowing story”. But then again Mop Girl was funny and I watched that first so it was kinda fresh too.


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