Got colormatched again!

So, last Sunday, I tried the Revlon Colorstay foundation on me and within half hour I started having breakouts!! Yes it was that bad!!! I’m never touching Revlon products again. Many years back I bought a powder of their and then some parts of my face just became so dry while other parts broke me out as well! Same with their lip colors, they always irritate my lips and cause my lips and the skin around my lips to start becoming super dry and peel off!

So I decided to just go back to MAC and get a foundation powder since their products seem to not have any bad effect on my face. This time I went to aan outlet in Doncaster and the lady who served me was very nice and even explained to me the differences and stuff. She tried two different powders on my face – the NC45 and C6. The C6 seems to be a perfect match. So I ended up buying that.

I’ve to see if the “color” changes and works a whole day on my face, else I might get the NC45 instead….


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