Such bad service!

So since I had no bad reaction to MAC’s concealer, I decided to go check out their powder. This time I went to a different outlet. The person who served me greatly disappointed me! She didn’t listen to what I had to say and kept cutting me off. She was extremely impatient. She didn’t understand my needs and recommend me accordingly. And because of that she totally put a wrong shade on me (And it was waayyy off!)

I was so annoyed with her service and attitude, I walked out of the shop. And then I checked my face and to my horror, she had put on a super dark color on my face. I looked like a clown because my face was dark brown and super orange while my neck showed my natural yellowish brown color. I ran to the washroom to remove the powder but because it was a good powder (and I had no proper makeup remover), I could hardly get it off!

Truly pissed off and annoyed with her. I’m never going back to the MAC on Bourke Street anymore. I had a much more better and satisfying service from Chadstone MAC. They are more dedicated!


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