Surviving without my iPhone

So I have become dependant on my iPhone it seems. Not the phone aspects, but all the other awesome stuff it could do. So today once again, I forgot my iPhone to work.

No Music
So my journey to and fro work was sooo boring because I had no music to hear. I felt so weird without my headphones in public. To make things worse, there were like a couple of teenagers in the bus saying and singing crude stuff and I had to hear them all until the bus driver had to kindly tell them to shut up!

Bank App
So I have this application on my iPhone which allows me to easily transfer money from my internet account to my main account which I can withdraw. It’s really handy because I can transfer the money and when I need and there wouldn’t be too much money on my main account. So I went to the shopping centre and realized that I did not have money in my main account to withdraw and I can’t transfer either because I didn’t have my phone with me and had to leave. What a wasted trip!

No internet
So today (of all days! *sway streak’s power!*) the internet was down a couple of times at work and we couldn’t do anything. It was like super boring because we couldn’t work! If I had my phone, I could use the 3G and surf the net but I didn’t have my phone so all I could do is stare out of my window. At least I had a huge window and view to look at!

I realized that I had become so dependent on looking at my phone for the time that I had no clue what the time was while waiting for the bus etc. And if I had missed the bus or it was bound to arrive “soon”. All I could do was – hope, rot and wait!


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