How amazing was The Amazing Spiderman?

I did enjoy watching Spiderman movies that starred Tobey Macguire. Though I recently learnt that alot of people didn’t really like them. So when I learned that they were gonna reboot spiderman I was disinterested because it’s about only 10 years since it came out and a reboot would just be repetitive and boring.

That was how I felt until I learned Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were starring in it. Both of them happens to be one of my favorite actors/actresses. So I started looking forward to it because of them.

I have to say that I did enjoy the Amazing Spider-man. I’m not sure because I’m biased since it had my favorite actors in it or I had very low expectation of the movie. I wouldn’t say it was as awesome as the Avengers but at the same time, it enjoyable and not boring. I will look forward to the sequels!

Also this week gonna catch Batman. I heard that it’s way much better than spiderman. I’ve to say I’m probably be more of a Spiderman fan than a Batman fan. The only Batman movie I have watched was the recent one – The Dark Knight. I thought that was good! So I shall look forward to watch the Dark Knight Rises this week!


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