Would you like to watch Biryani?

So I was listening to the radio and I heard this – “There’s a new movie coming out called Biryani and it’s much anticipated.” Ok has tamil movies have officially ran out of titles for their film so much so that they have to use food as movie titles?

I mean it’s okay to have food title in the name of the movie, (like “The Biryani crew”..LOL!) but having the food itself the name of the film just seem so hilarious to me.

People saying:

“I am looking forward to watching Biryani”
“The girl in Biryani was really hot”
“Biryani made me cry”
“I’m watching Biryani tonight”

And all I can imagine is a chicken drumstick on a plate of rice and papadam. HAHA

Anyway I just googled Biryani movie and guess who’s acting in it. Omg Karthi. LOOOOLLLL.


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