Osaka here I come!

So have booked my tickets to Japan from 24 Dec to 1st Jan and I’ve booked my tickets to Singapore on 14 Dec and back on 1 Jan. I’ll be going to Osaka and other cities in Japan this time. I’m totally excited because I’ve always wanted to go Osaka (Fun fact: Osaka is also the birthplace of Teppei!)

My brother introduced Chuck TV series to me and I’ve watched the first season and I actually liked it. Somehow it had a very Japanese typical drama feel to it and probably that’s why I guess!

Now I just begun watching the last Taiwanese Series I have with me “Love Keeps Going” and for some reason I still can’t comprehend that this is Mike He:

To me he just looks so differnt. Like a total someone else. I know the last time I watched Mike He in a drama was Yukan Club. I didnt know Mike He was in it, but I recongised him and I still knew it was him despite the fact it was a Japanese drama and he’s a taiwanese actor. But now I can’t even seem to find anything about him recognisable as Mike He to me. Why why? Is it the hair? But different hair also same face what? But yet he looks so alien to me… Hmmm…


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