Fifty shades of grey and The Hunger games…

It’s been a long while since I read books and thought I should get down to it. Especially the ones I’ve always been hearing about.

Fifty Shades of Grey:

It’s like everywhere. Everyone’s talking about it etc. It’s also a trilogy. It’s an erotic novel, basically written porn. I bared got into 1/3 of the first book and I got so freaking annoyed and bored and decided not to continue any further. It was so amateurish and it was so repetitive. Nothing kept me hooked and infact I felt like I’m wasting my life reading it or something. The sexually deprived must be the ones enjoying it and boosting the sales or something. I heard it was started off as a Twilight fan-fiction. Explains the boring-ness. (Btw I attempted to read Twilight many many years ago and just got annoyed after like the first 30 pages or something)

The Hunger Games:

The Hunger Games was totally addictive. It was like how I felt reading Harry Potter. It kept me hooked all the time, and I always just wanted to know what happened next. I really enjoyed the book. I can’t wait to start on the next two books in the series but I heard from my friend and also like a few others that the second and third book is not as good as the first. Hmmm okay I shall see how it goes. I bet it would still be readable and not as bad as Fifty Shades of Grey..


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