The awesome Sivakumar family

So Surya is the host of the Tamil version of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” And last month they had his brother Karthi as a special guest. I just caught that episode on youtube yesterday and it was an absolute delight to watch it. As fans of both Surya and Karthi, it was hilarious that all the childhood stories and truth about each other got out.

What I liked even more was the slight awkwardness between Karthi and Surya as they have both never appeared on-screen a show together and especially not on a reality show. It was funny how Surya was smiling at his brother throughout the whole show like this:

while Karthi was just blabbering in nervousness, like “April 2012 means this year right?”

I also liked how they decided to call their dad, Sivakumar with regards to a literature question and he answered the question even before the options were given and they were both like “Woahh our dad is so smart, why are we like that?” HAHA

I am also a fan of Sivakumar and so is my mom and grandmother (This was the 1960s-70s of course!) My grandmother likes him because he’s of the actors who’s not only well disciplined, good natured and devoted but never had a scandal in his 40+ years in showbiz. And omg I just realized he’s 71 years old? No way!!!! 0___0 He looks like he’s in his fifties…


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