Disappointing dinner at Hardware Lane

Yesterday went out with my Uni friends and we just randomly decide to choose a restaurant in Hardware Lane to go into. The guy from the restaurant did a good job in brainwashing us to eat there. It was however a disappointing experience because it was super expensive and the food wasn’t even nice!!!! Lucky I didn’t order any drinks because I was turned off by the pricing of the drinks.  Then they only had four pathetic desert options, of which none seemed tempting and again was ranged at super ridiculous price of $19.

So anyway when the food arrived, we all excitedly started taking photos (Little did we know how disappointed all of us would be with the food!) Didn’t get to snap two of my other friend’s food because they were on the other far end of the table.

My friend’s steak. The steak itself was like like $36 and apparantly you had to pay more if you wanted the sauce, toppings etc, like wtf right? Such a ripoff! And she wanted it cooked medium-rare and she said it was definitely not cooked medium rare and she hated it. With the $40 she paid, we could have all have had desert at a super yummy ice cream shop.

This friend said she didn’t have much to complain about her chicken parma….

This was the pork ribs that I and my friend decided to share, guess how much it was?? $37!!!! Even though we forked out about $18 each, it was a serious freaking ripoff!!!! I could have bought nong shim cup noodles for lunch for a whole month! And yes the cup noodles is 100% more yummier than their stupid pork ribs!

But seriously, I would never go back again and if I walk past the lane again and the same guy tries to “woo” me to his restaurant, I will flat out tell him in the face that I think it is a waste of money to eat in his restaurant and his food isn’t good as well.


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