Don’t hang up on me without saying something!

Today, I had this wrong number call me so I told the person “Maybe you got the wrong number. There’s no one here by the name of Amanda” and *click* (line dead). So rude. I know you dialled a wrong number, but at least could you say SOMETHING before hanging up right?

Lot of times I’ve gotten something like this from my friends, acquaintances etc e.g

Person: Hey you know how to go to Marina Bay?
Me: No I dunno
Person: Aiyah!!!!
Me: Why you need go there ar?
*dead silence*
Me: Maybe you can ta… Ha..Hello?
(And then realize they have hung up)

You don’t even have to say bye. Say anything with a tone that suggests you are going to hang up. Not only do I end up always talking to a nobody, but it annoys me okay!


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