Hate train journeys

Another typical sway day. So much sway things happened, but because I wanna go sleep now, I shall just talk about the train-story. Both times, while going to work and returning from work, my trains were cancelled. -_-

So exasperating because not only do I have to wait like another 10-15 mins for the next train, by the time the train comes, it is super crowded, we are just squashed up against each other, which I hate I hate I hate. On my trip to work, had this stupid guy who kept shoving his backpack on my face! On my trip back from work, was this guy who kept leaning on the pole, despite the fact I was holding the pole, so he was squashing my hand. Stupid morons. These people should go for some kinda train etiquette classes before boarding the train! Urgh!


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