Cycling is my favorite sport but I’ve hardly cycled the past 5-8 years. I used to cycle everyday for an hour or so after school, because I just enjoyed cycling so much. Then, one day some idiot came along and stole my bicycle ヽ(`д´)ノ And then I left school, started working, so didn’t have the time to cycle, so the only time I cycled was the times whenever any of my friends organised some cycling trips.

So I signed up for spinning (Indoor cycling) class. Well I did enjoy though I must say, it did tire me so easily. Like it was only 40 minutes but I was just struggling to keep pace after the middle of it. And my butt hurts (I need to get bike tights!)
My legs are wobbly and usually you feel the aching and wobbliness more on the second day, which is tomorrow. I’m sure gonna have difficulties on stairs, escalators. Leg muscles will hurt like hell tomorrow. Haha but then  I think I will go Thursday(hopefully I’m good by then!) as well. I will try to motivate myself to go for spinning twice a week until my body is used to it.

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