Oldies are goldies

As you know, I don’t really like watching tamil movies because 99% of modern tamil movies have the same storyline: Hero instantly falls in love with some girl he saw walk past him, or at a busstop etc. Song blah blah. One day, he offends the villain (or his sidekicks) for “righteous” reasons. Fight blah blah. Heroine starts to fall in love with Hero. Song again blah blah. Final fight between the villain and the hero, in which the hero always wins and the villian dies. Hero and Heroine lives happily ever after. The end.

However, I do actually enjoy watching Black and white and 1960s(mostly in color already) tamils movies. Because the stories are always so unique and most of the time, something you can relate to. And I also like the actors and actress (Many of whom has passed on), because they were seriously talented, especially Sivaji Ganesan!


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