How arrogant!

So today we went to eat at a this shop and there was a group of people sitting opposite me. So when one of the waitress served one of the ladies her dish, she accidentally spilt A DROP of soup on her dress while placing it on her table. Then the lady started to make a scene out of it. She started giving attitude and scolding the waitress, even though the waitress apologised numerous times.

When the waitress offered to wipe her dress, she arrogantly replied “What you mean wipe? This is expensive okay. It won’t go off. Now you have ruined my dress.” Seriously lady? For a drop of wonton soup, which is mainly water, the “stain” can be easily “wiped” off! She probably knew that as well but to seem superior, she didn’t give a chance for the waitress to be pardoned.

And her dress wasn’t even that great. And moreover, it LOOKED CHEAPSKATE. The material looked like pasar malam dress like that. I won’t say anyone would pay more than $10 for that dress. It’s too bad if she really paid lots of money for it, because she was obviously scammed.

It’s okay if she yelled at the waitress and pulled a long face when the waitress apologised. What I didn’t like was how she treated the waitress with regards to the whole incident. I felt that she was just pushing the limits. She probably just wanted to show off being “high class” or something to her friends. So fake. If the waitress was negligent about the whole incident and refused to apologise or something, then I would understand if the lady went all crazy with the waitress.

She’s a waitress not your maid and even if she was your maid, she’s human. Humans make errors and so do you. Would you like it if someone treated you so insignificantly? And if the waitress was an AM, I bet she would have just sulked and not made a scene out of it also because she won’t know how to string her sentences in English. 


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