That awkward moment when you don’t know if the lady standing infront of you is fat or pregnant.

I’ve had people give up their seats for me thinking I’m pregnant (well if not why they so nice give up their seats to me right?)

So anyway in the train there was this lady standing infront of me (And she came on the stop before I was going to alight) And she looked pregnant and at the same time I didn’t know if she was just fat. She looked differnt from a “normal pregnant woman” So I sat there contemplating if I should give up my seat to her. And if I did and she is just fat, would she be offended?

I felt guilty because if she was really heavily pregnant then I would seem like such a bitch. It was only a two minute ride between the two stations but it felt like 10 minutes or something. I did not end up giving up her seat eventually and got off and so did she. Oh well.


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