People with no manners on train

One thing I hate about taking the train (esp in the CBD during peak hours) is having to encounter rude people, which is like inevitable. -_- So at the platform when the train arrived, this women rushed(and slightly pushed me) and went and stood right infront of the train door.

I was like wth sia! Stupid lady. And then she squeezed her way through and there was an empty seat which she managed to squeeze her way through again. So anyway when it was reaching her stop (which was only 3 stops later), she got up and I had to move to give her way. I wasn’t holding onto anything and the train was still moving.

And she sorta pushed her way out, knocking me and I lost my balance and I almost fell until a nice lady sitting infront of me tried to hold me and asked if I was okay. I was so angry la! Push here, push there nvm, At least can say excuse me or sorry right? Sad to say, worldwide, there is countless number of morons like her. I bet every train journey you make, there is at least one person like her out there to make you miserable.


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