What a nice driver!

So today, i had to go for my follow-up and I knew I had to take a bus from the station. A bus came and I boarded and tapped my card.

Then out of the blue, the driver asked me where I was going and I replied to which he said “Not this bus. It’s the opposite route. That’s why you should always ask if you are unsure” I thanked him and got off the bus.

I was like wow, I save a wasted trip and was saved from being lost. But what even prompted him to ask me? Maybe I have a “I am stupid and have no sense of direction and gets lost 90% of the time” face. Haha.

But What scares me now is, having 2 “lucky events” happen consecutively, Is the sway streak gonna have a great comeback and hit me hard? I hope not ;(


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