Boys Over Flowers / Hana Yori Dango

When I was in my late teens, Meteor Garden (The taiwanese drama adaption of  Boys Over Flowers) was really popular but, I vowed never to watch it because I hate the then-super popular F4 (HAHAHAH I know, so childish and moreover I was their “rival” 5566’s fan anyway). So when I found out there was an Japanese version, I decided to watch it.

When I first watched it (wayyyy back in July 2006), I really liked the series BUT, I hate MatsuJun’s hair soooo much that I just hated his character and was blindly rooting for Oguri Shun because he had such freaking awesome hair! Hahaha but I came back to my senses and started to like him as well after the lift scene anyway so overall I have to say I really liked the show!
Season 2 was good as well but I personally preferred Season 1. Season 2 kinda depressed me hahaha. I am alwways like “Nooooo… WHYYYY?” I really liked the movie as well. Infact I liked it more than Season 2. Hahha it made me happier and it was interesting.


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