French movies

I have been watching a couple of French movies. They are mostly pre 2005 movies but I seemed to have enjoyed them all. Maybe because they mainly dealed with imagination-related themes and childishness, naiveness etc.

Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain

I like this movie because it was very imaginative and it is kinda cute as well. How introverted Amelie tries to show her love and appreciation to everyone including the guy she loved. That was kinda cute. But my favorite moment of the show was when the identity of the photo booth mystery man.

Jeux d’enfants

I like this movie because of the friendship between Julian and Sophie was so beautiful. And how much hidden love there was in it. I like all this childhood friends to lovers sorta movie themes, so maybe that is why I liked this

La Science des rêves

I seemed to like this the most. It is about how a man mixed up his reality and dreams and somewhat I like his character. Not only that but how you wish you can just escape into dreams where all your problems seemed to be much better or resolved.

Paris je t’aime

It is a collection of short stories and I love some of the stories and some were plain blah and there were some that were just 0.o?


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