How to get free churros

So I went to buy churro today and as I was waiting for my order, the European guy infront of me started asking the saleslady questions like

“Are you Korean?” and she started giggling and went “Why?” and he was like “You look Korean. So you must be Korean, are you Korean?” and she giggled and went “Hmm you so clever.”

There was another guy working as well and he asked “Do I look Korean?” (Lol when he spoke could tell confirm he Singaporean or Malaysian) so the European guy replied “No you don’t. Only she looks Korean. ” and the lady seemed flattered and went “Thank you. Thank you”

So anyway that guy ordered coffee, and then the lady gave him a coffee and a churro (And a churro is $4 for the cheapest one btw) and the guy was like “I only ordered coffeee” and she went “It is free for you.”

In my heart, I was like wth, if I know I also go ask her if she Korean and add a few compliments then maybe I don’t have to pay for my food too.

Okay next time I gonna be kiasu and any asian I see working, I am gonna ask them if they are Korean. Who knows, I might score myself a free lunch or something. I know I am such a cheapskate. -_-


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