Face face.

I don’t know why my face has become very dry and the area around my eyes and lips are peeling and I look weird. To make matters worse, I got tanned by the sun today but because I was wearing cap and sunglasses, only “uncovered areas” got darker. -_-

I supposed to have an appointment with my dermatologist tomorrow to follow up with my acne and I thought of showing and asking him about my dry skin, but I’ve got work so I had to change the appt and his earliest avaliable date, which happens to be only in mid-decemeber. Wth sia -_-

Oh btw I found a Nokia phone (it is one of those phone with the QWERTY keypad) in the bus today. I picked it up and headed straight to the bus driver and handed it over. And I felt so awesome! I was happy that someone who lost their phone is getting it back. (Unless the bus driver decided to kah-poh it la) Especially since I faced that dreaded experience days back.


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