Amusing girls

Today while I was boarding the bus at the interchange, I overheard these 3 sec schoolgirls saying “I don’t know, shall we ask the driver?”

So one of the girl got up and asked “Does this bus go to chadstone?” and in my heart I was like (lol, so big infront the bus write chadstone, they still cannot see meh?) So the driver decided to be abit cheeky and asked them back:

Driver: “Did you see what is written infront of the bus?”
Schgirl 1: Yeah. 742.
Driver: Was that the only thing that was written there?
Schgirl 1&2: Err yeah

The driver got out of his seat and brought the girls to the front of the bus and pointed to the bus plate and said “So what’s written on it?” Then schgirl 1 and 2 just burst into laughter (at their stupidty) but the best bit was schgirl3 staring at it going “So it’s going chadstone?” and schgirl1 and 2 yelled “YES!” in her face.

Then they sat behind me and I heard them going on about how embarrassed they were. LOL! It was even funnier because we were at the interchange which means, die die also cannot be they took the wrong direction. So I dunno why they even asked if a bus was going to that place when it clearly states on the bus it is.


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