Haiz so sway streak is back from it’s holiday it seems

Oh well had a typical (sway) day.

Like I reached the train station at 7.54am (And usually I try to get the 7.56 train, if not the 8.00 train so I reach work in time) So today, apparantly the 7.56 train was cancelled and the 8.00 train was 10 minutes delayed and so I ended up going late to work.

So because a train was cancelled and another was delayed further, the train was like super duper duper super packed (added on to the fact it was peak hours) and so there was this lady behind me who for some reason WAS LEANING ONTO like I was the railing. Like wth man! I am already losing balance and she just kept resting her back on my back. Wth so annoyed. So at one point, the train sorta moved and she bumped me and I ended up hitting my head on the pole. She didn’t even say sorry and continued leaning onto me. I would have yelled at her but I didn’t wanna cause a drama esp with so many AMs around.

Then later in the evening when I went to the supermarket, apparantly the person infront of me took the last basket and there was NO MORE BASKETS. I went around the whole supermarket finding a basket but there was none. Then as you know, I had to perform the balancing act of carrying all the stuff I wanna buy. -_-

Ok well since my swayness is back, guess I won’t cry cos life’s liddat.


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